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Single Piece Tool Steel Construction.
Engineered & Validation Tested.
The BackBone passes all applicable safety standards.

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Trusted Partners in the UK/EU and AUS
will deliver your Backbone Swiftly and Effectively.

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Reduce Losses Due to Insurance Claims For Personal Injuries due to Rear-ward Impacts

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ANSI B56.1 Compliant

Samples of The Backbone® were tested by a leading global product qualification assessment firm, which verified that:

The Backbone® withstands rear-ward impacts to protect the operator:

The Backbone® will not interfere with the overhead guard:

Withstands rear—ward impacts to protect the operator:

ANSI/ITSDF B56.1—2009 Safety Standard for Low Lift and High Lift Trucks.

The safety bar was tested for strength in accordance with ANSI/ITSDF—2009, Section 7.30 Operator Protection for Stand—up, End Controlled, Narrow Aisle and Counterbalanced Trucks, and satisfies the requirements.

The standard specifies that a guard must withstand the impact of a truck carrying a fully rated load traveling 1.6 km/h (approx. 1 mph).

Will not interfere with overhead guard:

ASME B56.1—2004 Safety Standard for Low Lift and High Lift Trucks.

The overhead guard, tested with the safety bar attached to the lift truck. 

Meets ASME B56.1 – 2004, Section 7.29.2(b) Cube Drop Test and ASME B56.1 – 2004, Section 7.29.2(c) Impact Drop Test.

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Test result reports are available to purchasers of The Backbone® upon request.

Performance test results are specific to The Backbone® as designed and manufactured under licence by Lakeport Metalcraft Inc. Any other claims constitute misrepresentation.

Anyone can claim ANSI compliance. Ask for their results. Ask for their reports.