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Single Piece Tool Steel Construction.
Engineered & Validation Tested.
The BackBone passes all applicable safety standards.

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Trusted Partners in the UK/EU and AUS
will deliver your Backbone Swiftly and Effectively.

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Reduce Losses Due to Insurance Claims For Personal Injuries due to Rear-ward Impacts

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Over the last few decades, a number of reach truck and stand up forklift operators have suffered injuries – some fatal – after being struck by horizontal objects intruding into the operator’s compartment.

Most of these accidents occurred during rearward collisions with racking. If the operator’s compartment can roll freely under a racking cross – beam, the operator can be crushed between the cross – beam and the front of the reach truck.

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Reach Truck Hazard 

Backbone® Solution 

To protect your operators, equip your reach trucks and standup counterbalance trucks with The Backbone®.

Case Study

In one instance in Nebraska, an operator backed into a steel link warning chain that closed off an entrance way. The chain had enough slack to ride up and over the back of the reach truck chassis. It pinned the operator against the front of the operator’s compartment. Tragically, the operator was asphyxiated.

Case Study

In the case of one reach truck manufacturer, between 1977 and 2004, the number of serious intrusion incidents averaged 9 per year, spiking to an annual high of 25 incidents in 1997, and reaching a cumulative 249 incidents over the 27 year period. Click on the images to view them at full size.