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Single Piece Tool Steel Construction.
Engineered & Validation Tested.
The BackBone passes all applicable safety standards.

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Trusted Partners in the UK/EU and AUS
will deliver your Backbone Swiftly and Effectively.

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Reduce Losses Due to Insurance Claims For Personal Injuries due to Rear-ward Impacts

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Forklift Rear Post & Forklift Rear Guard in Toronto

Under-ride hazard is a serious concern with forklift safety. To protect the forklift driver from injury, Lakeport Metalcraft Inc. introduces The Backbone® — a rear post & guard designed for reach trucks & stand up forklifts.

Whether you are a warehouse owner, manager, or supervisor, your top priority should be the safety of your workers. Setting up forklift rear post & forklift rear guard complies with the hazard-specific safety and health standards and regulations set out by the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA).

Valuable Forklift Guard

Risk management should always be a primary concern. This safety accessory works and complements well with major forklift brands. It provides your forklift machine operators with greater control of the forklift truck and significantly protects the driver from being struck by objects. Using our rear post & guard can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your operators are safe and well-protected whenever they are driving a forklift.

Used to Prevent Under-Ride

Installing The Backbone® ensures the prevention of standup forklift under-ride. It effectively protects the operator by creating a physical barrier between the person and horizontal cross beams.

Easy to Install

The Backbone® for forklift electric and diesel trucks comes with an installation manual, where you can find instructions on how to attach it within minutes. It does not require any special tools and equipment to set up the rear post & guard for your forklift.

ANSI/ITSDF B56 Compliant

Leading global product qualification assessment firm tested The Backbone® and verified that it can effectively withstand rear-ward impacts to protect the driver. Our product also does not interfere with the overhead guard.

Works Well with Different Forklift Brands

Whether forklift truck brand you are driving, our rear post & guard ensures your safety.

  • Forklift Hyster – Installing The Backbone® makes this durable and dependable heavy machine safe for forklift operators.
  • Komatsu – Adding the rear post & guard complements the reliable and optimum performance of a major forklift brand like Komatsu.
  • Yale – Create a balance of high-quality functionality and safety when you install our rear post & guard in your forklift Yale truck.

While forklifts help us move and store products and materials safely, it is also essential to keep the safety of the forklift operators in mind. With a forklift rear post & guard, we will help you prevent potential under-ride accidents in your workplace. Call Lakeport Metalcraft Inc. at 1-855-272-1445 (North America) or send us an email to request more technical information about our product or to place orders directly through our factory.