Lakeport Metalcraft Inc.

Single Piece Tool Steel Construction.
Engineered & Validation Tested.
The BackBone passes all applicable safety standards.

Trusted Partners in the UK/EU and AUS
will deliver your Backbone Swiftly and Effectively.

Truck Backbone

Reduce Losses Due to Insurance Claims For Personal Injuries due to Rear-ward Impacts

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Please choose one of the following easy methods to order:

Factory Direct Orders are welcome

Contact Norm at 416.587.5809 or email:

Contact parts dealer.

You can find your local dealer by visiting, or calling 1-800-242-6670 (North America). Ask for John.


Visit or contact Rodger Lamb at:


To order The Backbone® by phone, please call 1-800-242-6670 (North America) during normal business hours.


To order The Backbone® by facsimile, dial 1-800-242-6685 (North America).


For customers outside North America, or for anyone who prefers email, you can reach the sales department at


On-line transaction through To place a secure, online order for The Backbone® through, please click "Buy Now". They accept credit card or P.O. Number.

The Backbone® sells for US$745.00, and includes all installation hardware