Lakeport Metalcraft Inc.

Stand Up & Reach Truck Rear Post & Guard – Toronto

Lakeport Metalcraft Inc. is the manufacturer of The Backbone®—a rear post & guard for reach trucks & stand up forklifts. A valuable addition to other reach truck parts, the rear guard is designed to protect the operator against injury in the event of an accidental rear-ward collision.

Tried & Tested

Our rear guard has undergone—and passed—a variety of validation assessments & tests. It meets all applicable safety standards, specifically those dictated by the ANSI/ITSDF B56.1. It can withstand rear collisions of a fully loaded truck without compromising the overhead guard.

Internationally Distributed

We distribute our stand up rear guards to an extensive list of partners in the UK, EU, & Australia.

Easy Installation

No welding necessary! The rear guard can be attached to a reach truck quickly by fastening it with a clamp to the overhead guard & with a bolt to the bottom of the reach truck frame. Padding is attached to the post, to provide comfort for the operator.

Exemplary Protection For Different Reach Trucks

Our rear post guard for reach trucks can be used to improve a variety of forklift brands, no matter which make or model your company operates.

  • Yale Stand Up Reach Trucks
    Complement the functionality & versatility of a Yale reach truck with the safety of our dependable rear guard.
  • Hyster Stand Up Reach Trucks
    Hyster reach trucks boast simplified controls & maneuverability—throw safety & security into the mix.
  • Reach Truck Unicarriers
    Match the sheer strength & robust design of Unicarriers reach trucks with safeguards for your operators.
  • Crown Reach Truck
    The rear posts augment the smart & powerful technology of a Crown reach truck, keeping your operators safe.

Trusted By Various Industries

Those who trust the protection our reach truck rear guard provides hail from a wide range of industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Biotech
  • Electrical & Gas Utilities
  • Energy Products & Services
  • Food Distribution
  • Logistics & Order Fulfillment
  • Manufacturing (Automotive, Kitchen & Bath, Transformers)
  • Meat Processing
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Retail

Keep your operators safe & your company from incurring loss through personal injury claims. You can trust Lakeport Metalcraft Inc. to provide you with a reliable & durable rear guard for your company’s stand up forklifts & reach trucks. Call us at 1-855-272-1445 (North America) or send us an email at for technical information or to place factory-direct orders.

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