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Single Piece Tool Steel Construction.
Engineered & Validation Tested.
The BackBone passes all applicable safety standards.

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Trusted Partners in the UK/EU and AUS
will deliver your Backbone Swiftly and Effectively.

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Reduce Losses Due to Insurance Claims For Personal Injuries due to Rear-ward Impacts

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Counterbalance Lift Trucks

Need extra protection for your lift up trucks? Check out the Backbone® from Lakeport Metalcraft Inc. Most cabins lack a safety bumper to protect operators from harm. The Backbone® protects your operators from under-ride accidents that could cause injuries when backing up.

Provides Rearward Protection for Counterbalance Lift Trucks

Your safety equipment needs to be able to take heavy stresses, and the Backbone® does that easily. Safety standards demand that lift truck rearguards can handle the impact of a truck carrying a full load at 1.6 km an hour. We’re proud to say that the Backbone® has been tested according to ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 and meets the requirements.

Works with Overhead Guards for Industrial Counterbalance Trucks

A lift truck’s overhead guard helps protect against falling objects, including small packages and boxes. You can count on the Backbone® to do its job without interfering with the overhead guard. With a Backbone® installed, your operators will have increased safety from different directions without compromising any protection.

Takes Little Effort to Install in Crown Counterbalance Lift Trucks

No matter what kind of forklift you’re using, from Yale to Uline lift trucks, installing a Backbone® is a straightforward task. The safety bar fits most reach trucks and forklifts, making it a flexible tool for your fleet. No welding is involved; the Backbone® clamps to the overhead guard and is bolted to the body with two clamps. Attaching a Backbone® to your lift trucks can be done in 30 minutes, giving you minimal downtime and letting you get back to work on the same day. This minimal install time makes the Backbone® a cost-effective way to improve the safety of your existing forklifts.

Ensuring employee safety is a top priority for any business owner. Lakeport Metalcraft helps give you the tools you need to protect your employees and prevent accidents. Invest in a Backbone® rearguard to protect your forklift operators and avoid accidents. Give us a call at 1-855-272-1445 to order directly from our factory.