How Clutter Impacts Warehouse Safety

Clutter Impacts Warehouse Safety


As a warehouse owner or manager, you understand how a clean and organized workspace can affect the productivity and efficiency of your operation, as well as the motivation of your workers. This can ultimately result in several negative effects on your day-to-day overall production and operation, leading to loss of revenue and an increased risk […]

Stand Up Forklift Underride: Factors, Causes, and Risks

Stand Up Forklift Underride: Causes, and Risks


“Underride” refers to forklift accidents that happen as a result of a standing operator backing too far into a horizontal shelf. The accident becomes fatal when shelving causes the forklift to slide below the shelf and crush the driver. In many workplaces, underride accidents are more likely to happen than overturning. Studying 3,000 forklift accidents […]

Why Forklift Operator Training Is A Must

Why Forklift Operator Training Is Important


Working as a certified forklift operator comes with a lot of great advantages. The pay is good and you can work wherever you want in the country or even anywhere in the world. The demand for forklift operators is simply high! Forklift operator jobs are offered in different industries such as construction, manufacturing, airports, seaports, […]

How to Avoid Winter Workplace Accidents

Avoid Winter Workplace Accidents


The winter poses dozens of problems for warehouse and industrial workplaces. Not only does the temperature drop making it more expensive to heat your building, but there’s a higher risk of slips and falls. When one employee gets injured, there’s a slight delay in your production. When lots of employees get injuries due to winter-related […]

Reach trucks are best at accessing products in narrow aisles.

Benefits of Buying A Reach Truck


Reach trucks are common and useful vehicles in warehouses and storage facilities. If you have space challenges, reach trucks are a great way to increase your storage space without increasing your overall footprint. If you are thinking about purchasing a reach truck, you may have questions about how they work and how a reach truck […]

The Uses of Forklifts, and Why You Need One


A forklift is an industrial vehicle that has a power-operated platform at the front. It has a fork that can be raised/lowered and inserted underneath a cargo for lifting and moving purposes. Forklifts can be powered by combustion engines or electrical batteries. There are forklift varieties that allow operators to sit when driving the vehicle, […]

How to safely operate a forklift

Some Forklift Operating Safety Tips


Despite their size and indoor use, forklifts pose huge safety threats if operated incorrectly. These common pieces of machinery are used everywhere from retail environments to construction sites. However, not every employee gets to drive one. Forklifts require in-depth knowledge and training to operate them safely. One wrong move or neglecting to notice a hazard […]

Reach truck training is essential for workplace safety.

Essential Reach Truck Training Reminders for Employers


Industrial workplaces depend on reach trucks for moving and transporting materials and goods efficiently. The purpose of reach trucks also makes them indispensable in warehouse operations. However, they are also responsible for transport-related accidents in the workplace. Mishaps not only impact the lives of your workers, but they can also interrupt your business operations. Failure […]

Forklifts are indispensable warehouse tools

Hazards of Standup Forklift Underride Collisions


Forklift underride collisions are among the most severe accidents in warehouses or any facility where reach trucks, and/or standup forklifts or counterbalance trucks are used. Causes of Underride Accidents Standup forklift and reach truck underride occurs during a collision where a horizontal rack beam intrudes into the operator cabin. If there are no barriers or […]