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Introducing the Backbone for Reach Trucks

The Backbone® for Reach Trucks, addresses the hazard of standup forklift under-ride. This occurs when a rack cross beam intrudes into the operator cabin, crushing the operator between the cross beam and the front of the cabin and/or the mast.

This causes catastrophic, life-altering injuries and death.

Under-ride occurs because the backs of most reach truck cabins are open, with no physical barrier between the operator and horizontal cross beams.

The Backbone® is an easily installed ANSI compliant safety bar that acts as a bumper, providing that missing physical barrier.


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Easy to install. Attaches in minutes.

Provides greater operator control of the reach truck. Reduces the risk of objects striking the operator causing loss of control.

Minimum machine downtime and installation costs.

Provides enhanced operator safety. Addresses the underrider hazard around racking components.


Complies with the strict ANSI B56.1 safety standard for lift trucks.

Fits Reach Trucks and Standup Counterbalance Trucks.

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