Protect Your People
Protect Your Racking

“I’d like to protect my workers, but will The Backbone damage my racking?”
-Frequent customer concern

The Backbone is an ANSI/ITSDF compliant safety attachment that will protect your standup forklift operators from underride. But, are we solving one problem only to create another?
The Backbone has a streamlined, low-profile design that inhibits snagging on racks and racking components. It protrudes no more than 1 ½ inches (38.1 mm) from the forklift body (compared to 3” or 76.2 mm for some of our competitors). In addition, because the outward facing side of The Backbone has a bowed or convex shape, there are no edges that can catch the racking.

The Backbone is a one piece build. It’s made of a single steel bar that has been shaped and formed. There are no welds, weak spots or other fail points on the safety bar. Strength is enhanced and maximized through The Backbone’s uniquely engineered design.

The Backbone was tested by an independent third part testing company.
We share the test results with our customers upon request.

To protect your people and your racking, order a Backbone today.

Contact Norm Nopper, n.nopper@LakeportMetalcraft .com; 416.587.5809

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